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Secrets of World Class with DVD

Author(s): Steve Siebold

Turning Mediocrity into Greatness. Are you ready to ignite your passion and charge your life? Learn more…...MORE INFORMATION »

Secrets of the World Class
Turning Mediocrity into Greatness

This book is a result of  Steve Siebold’s 20 year journey of studying peak performers and discovering the link that makes them champions.

  • Each chapter finishes with an “Action Step for Today” that leads you down the path from mediocrity to greatness.Loaded with ideas you can immediately put into action to catapult yourself from mediocrity to gretatness.
  • Applications for use in business as well as athletics. Steve’s straight forward, tell it like it is style, cuts to the core of what it takes to go from middle class to world class.
  • Steve Siebold is an internationally recognized expert in the field of “mental toughness”. An international speaker and trainer of fortune 500 companies.

Steve Siebold is a “world class” guy who has written a “world class” book about how to turn mediocrity into greatness.

Hardcover gift book with DVD
110 pages, 170mm square

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