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Leadership Desktop Collection – 10 Titles

Author(s): Various

SAVE 25%. This great collection is not only good for your own personal growth; it also makes a great gift for any key member of your team and/or your best customers. The books and the DVDs will provide a source of knowledge and inspiration for years to come....MORE INFORMATION »

SAVE 25%.
This 10 book set has it’s own platinum “cube” desktop organiser that delivers on “Wow” factor.
The case has a small footprint of only 17 cm cubed, so you can easily keep your collection nearby on your desktop, credenza or coffee table.

Included: Your Logo and Message on the front of the presentation box lid.

10 Books – 4 with DVD

  • The Essence of Leadership with DVD – Mac Anderson

Learn the importance of humor, good habits, leading with values, hiring great people and more. The keys to successful leadership are presented in an unforgettable way

  • The Right To Lead – John Maxwell

Learning Leadership through Character and Courage. What gives a Man or Woman the right to lead? Can it be appointed?

  • 212 Leadership with DVD - Mac Anderson

Our newest addition to the 212º collection just released in November 2011. Incorporating the 212º concept into the daily operations of your company must come from the top down. Every manager, supervisor, principal or team leader needs to lead by example and be a 212º Leader. In 212° Leadership, I share 10 of the elements that can help to transform your leadership skills, along with some of my favourite quotes on the elements of leadership.

  • Leading with Passion - John Murphy

Leaders are like magnets. Their magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls and attracts or repels. Which type of magnet are you?

  • The Little Book with 50 Big Ideas on Leadership  – Glenn Furuya

Questions throughout this book will cause you to pause and consider what type of leader you are and consider any changes that would benefit you and those around you.

  • What it Takes to be #1 with DVD/CD - Vince Lombardi

The Lombardi philosophy transcends football! Promote team work, integrity, and mental toughness to produce winning results in your personal and business life….

  • What’s the Big Idea – Mac Anderson

Have you ever wondered what was the “spark” that was behind some of the most successful businesses? Use this book for you and your team to think of new and exciting ways to make your company the next “Big Idea.”

  • Good to the Core  – John Blumberg

If there was ever a time in the history of this great country that we need to re-visit our core values…the time is now….

  • The 7  Secrets of Exceptional Leadership - Brian Tracy

In The Seven Secrets of Exceptional Leadership, Brian shares seven timeless truths that have been discovered and rediscovered again and again over the centuries. Leaders are made, usually self-made through work on themselves, not born.

  • Great Quotes on Leadership & Life - Steven Covey

Great Quotes on Leadership and Life is a collection of quotes from Stephen’s books which he found personally inspiring. In it, you can enjoy the wisdom from the ages that inspired one of the great men of our times….

Substitute titles may be selected depending on availablility.

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