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Finish Strong – it’s more than a statement

March 1, 2011

1995 was the year I discovered a better way of thinking – to strive to Finish Strong in everything I chose to do. By adopting the Finish Strong mindset, I created a personal platform for achievement and established my own level of personal accountability.

In the years that followed, I leaned on my commitment to Finish Strong and was blessed with success in many areas of my life. This was such a breakthrough for me that I believed others could benefit from being exposed to and ultimately adopting a “Finish Strong attitude.”

So in 1996 I filed for and received a trademark on the words “Finish Strong” with the vision of creating a global brand that would inspire millions of people to higher levels of performance.
My life has never been the same since. For 15 years, Finish Strong has been a driving force in my life – professionally, personally and spiritually.

I started a business in an attempt to create products and services around Finish Strong – with nominal success.  However, the real “game changer” for Finish Strong came in 2004, when through a twist of fate, I met Mac Anderson. I was a huge fan of Mac’s company, Successories, and he became a mentor to me in helping to make some critical decisions about the Finish Strong product line.

Then, in the fall of 2005 Mac launched Simple Truths and shortly thereafter gave me the opportunity to join him as a partner and manager of sales and marketing. He also believed that a Finish Strong gift book would be a great addition to the Simple Truths line. I was excited and couldn’t imagine a better platform to launch the Finish Strong message. Also, at that time, the Finish Strong apparel company had hit a crossroad. We had invested heavily in developing and manufacturing our own sports apparel line, and it became evident that without substantial funding, we would not be able to expand.

I like to say that God’s timing is never early and never late. So, as I wound down the apparel business, I got involved with Simple Truths. My first year with Simple Truths was extremely busy, building the infrastructure for the company and as a result, I didn’t have much time to write the book. But in 2007, Mac and I finalized the concept for the book, and I began writing it. Finish Strong: Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration was published in May of 2008, and I am humbled to say that it has been one of our top selling titles since. The book has been used by corporations, individuals, schools and professional sports teams to inspire peak performance

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