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Change is Good….You go First – with DVD

Author(s): Mac Anderson and Tom Feltenstein

This book will help you and your team manage change – not have it manage you! ...MORE INFORMATION »

  • Shake up the status quo in your organization! Filled with real life stories from top companies who dared to say “No” to business as usual, and ultimately succeeded.
  • Kick off your meeting theme or leadership retreat with this motivational movie and create your theme around the books’ 21 ways to inspire change.
  • Recommended reading for any organization who wants to stand out from the competition and develop new ways of thinking about how to succeed in today’s economic times.

Deciding to make changes is the easy part. Getting your people on board is much more difficult! This creative book will help you inspire your team to embrace change and realize change can be good!
Best selling author, Mac Anderson (over 2 million of his books have sold) and Tom Feltenstein, highly successful marketing consultant to the hospitality industry, have teamed up to write an unforgettable book on inspiring change in your organization. It’s a must read for every manager in your company!

Listed below is a sampling from the 21 chapters:
• Change What Needs Changing, Not What’s Easy
• Forget for Success
• Re-Recruit Your Best People
• Remove Barriers
• Keep your Focus on the Customer
• Simplify Your Message
• Stand With Them, Not Above Them
• Measure Results
• Set the Stage for Innovation
• Pull the Weeds

  • Hardcover Book 110 pages 170 mm x 170 mm Authors: Mac Anderson and Tom Feltenstein

DVD run time: 3m:38s

Hardcover Book 110 pages 170 mm x 170 mm

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