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The Power of Attitude with DVD

Author(s): Mac Anderson

Develop a positive attitude, reduce stress, attack your fears and keep your passion alive! Go on a journey of personal discovery in this powerful, beautifully designed gift book by Simple Truths founder, Mac Anderson...MORE INFORMATION »

  • A Gift That Will ENERGIZE Outlooks and Transform Attitudes
  • Combines breathtaking photography, inspirational quotes and real-life stories to reinforce each point on how to develop and maintain a positive attitude
  • A great gift for any occasion!
  • Create your corporate theme around “The Power of Attitude” and give a copy to each employee.

I love this quote by Henry Ford, ”Whether you think you can, or think you can’t …you’re right.” This one-of –a kind book addresses what matters most as it relates to your success in life. It will guide you to develop a positive attitude, reduce stress, attack your fears and keep your passion alive!

Mac Anderson, takes you on a journey of personal discovery in this powerful, beautifully designed gift book. It will help you manage your energy levels, keep your soul alive, take new paths, reduce stress, attack your fears, and hang on when the storms blow through. It makes a great employee gift and is perfect to reinforce your meeting or convention theme.

Remember… “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t…you’re right!” Here’s a sampling…

  • Manage Stress Before it Manages You
  • Remember Rule #1…It’s Golden
  • The Good News Girl
  • Use Emotional “Triggers”
  • Practice Sandbox Wisdom
  • Do More With Less
  • Unload Emotional Baggage
  • Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce

“In 5 minutes you can go from feeling low to feeling great.
This is a terrific book!”
— Mark Siebert, CEO, I Franchise Group

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The Push – with DVD

Author(s): David McNally and Mac Anderson

Inspired by David McNally’s famous story about the mother eagle’s supreme act of love…”The Push,” when her offspring were ready to leave the nest and fly. It will make your heart smile! ...MORE INFORMATION »

  • Inspired by David McNally’s famous story about the mother eagle’s supreme act of love…”The Push,” when her offspring were ready to leave the nest and fly. It will make your heart smile!
  • A collection of 25 unforgettable true stories about how a moment of encouragement changed a life forever.
  • Beautifully designed with words that will inspire you to make a difference with your life.

We’ve all seen it, or felt it, at some point in our life; how just one moment of encouragement can change a life forever. It can be the greatest gift you’ll ever give…or receive.

Our goal in this beautiful book is to inspire you to truly understand the power of encouragement by sharing many wonderful stories about how it can make a difference. We feel that there will be many “a-ha” heartfelt moments along the way. Here’s what co-author Mac Anderson said:

“When I look back at the moments when I needed “The Push,” and how it impacted my life, I knew that this is a book we had to publish!”

The Push makes a beautiful gift, not only for friends and family, but also your team, so they can understand the awesome power of kindness and encouragement.

Hardcover Gift Book,  128 pages, 170 mm x 170 mm
DVD run time 3 mm 33sec

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The Road to Happiness

Author(s): Mac Anderson and BJ Gallagher

There is one thing in life that took me a long time to learn, and that’s… less is almost always more....MORE INFORMATION »

21 short chapters detailing aspects of a happy life, from having “An Attitude of Gratitude” to “Making Peace with the Past”.

  • Filled with poetry, stories, and photography to brighten any day and cause reflection over the little blessings in life.

If you can’t find happiness inside yourself, you’ll never find it in the outside world, no matter where you move. Wherever you go, there you are. You take yourself with you.
This is the essence of happiness—learning to find inner contentment in any situation.

BJ Gallagher and Mac Anderson have teamed up again to put out another fantastic gift book. This book is an easy read detailing the collective life wisdom of the two authors. The Road to Happiness will make a great gift or addition to your own personal library.

Hardcover Book 144 pages 170 mm x 170 mm

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What’s the Big Idea?

Author(s): Mac Anderson

As a lifetime entrepreneur, Mac has always been fascinated with the spark behind a successful company’s start. Read Mac’s story and 12 others. ...MORE INFORMATION »

  • Have you ever wondered what was the “spark” that was behind some of
    the most successful businesses?
  • Read about Mac’s own successes as well as 12 other well known entrepreneurs including Howard Shultz (Starbucks), Jeff Bezos (, Sara Blakely (Spanx) and more…
  • Use this book for you and your team to think of new and exciting ways to make your company the next “Big Idea.”
  • You will love reading these entrepreneurs’ personal stories and Mac concludes the book with 10 tips for you to follow for success-a great exercise to do on your own or as a team.

Ideas are powerful and one…just one, can change your business and your life.
If you don’t believe me, just pick up the phone and call Steve Jobs, Howard
Shultz or Bill Gates. (Oops…I just remembered, they might be pretty busy.)

Here’s the question and also the inspiration for this book… How do big
ideas happen?
Is there a process or a formula? Or do big ideas just “bubble up” when
minds are curious and open to change? As a lifetime entrepreneur,
the “big idea question” has always fascinated me.

Although every story is different, sometimes just reading how it happened
can “spark” your imagination into action. Sometimes just learning about
how an individual who
was willing to take the risk to follow his or her dream and fight through
adversity to keep it alive, might be just the “push” you need.

However, this collection of “Big Idea Stories” was not only written with the entrepreneur in mind, it was also written to inspire innovation within existing companies. Far too often, companies “roll on” with the status quo, only to
wake up one day to find…competition has passed them by.

Whether your ambition is to start your own company or you want to apply
“Big Idea” thinking to your existing company – I know this book will help
spark many new ideas to make your story the next Big Idea!

Hardcover Book 96 pages 170 mm x 170 mm Authors: Mac Anderson

About the Author

MAC ANDERSON is the founder of Simple Truths, and Successories, Inc., the leader in designing and marketing products for motivation and recognition. These companies, however, are not the first success stories for Mac. He was
also the founder and CEO of McCord Travel, the largest travel company in the Midwest, and part owner/VP of sales for Orval Kent Food Company, the country’s largest manufacturer of prepared salads. Mac’s accomplishments in these unrelated industries provide some insight into his passion and leadership skills.
Mac brings the same passion to his speaking and writing. He speaks to many corporate audiences on a variety of topics, including leadership, motivation,
and team building. He has authored or co-authored 12 books including:

You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School, Customer Love, The Nature of Success, The Power of Attitude, Charging the Human Battery, Motivational Quotes and The Essence of Leadership, and has coauthored To a Child, Love is Spelled
T-I-M-E, The Dash, Change is Good…You Go First and 212° The Extra Degree.

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You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School – with DVD

Author(s): Mac Anderson

A must have guide for every leader – this book will help you hire better people, become a better leader, get more done is less time and ignite your team to perform to their highest potential...MORE INFORMATION »

  • Mac Anderson’s style of combining great quotes and graphic design with engaging stories has sold more than 2 million books.
  • This movie makes a great “takeaway” to reinforce any leadership conference.

If you’re going to climb a tree would you rather hire a squirrel or train a horse? That’s the premise for this very clever and insightful book. Mac Anderson shares his 30 plus years of leadership experience in a fresh and engaging manner.

“My goal with this little book is to share some of my “lessons learned” in a brief, but engaging way. Because so many times, it’s not what is said but how it is said, that turns the switch from off to on.” – Mac Anderson, Founder Simple Truths

Duck to Eagle has 29 chapters, and listed below is just a sampling:
• Change is Good… You Go First
• Burning Brightly Without Burning Out
• The Road to Success is Not Always a Road
• Make Your Brand Stand for Something
• Attitude isn’t Everything, but it’s Pretty Darn Close
• You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression
• If You Chase Two Rabbits, Both Will Escape
• Leadership Would be Easy if it Wasn’t for People
• Forget Real Good… Remember Feel Good

  • Hardcover Book 126 pages 170 mm x 170 mm

DVD run time: 3m:10s

Hardcover Book 126 pages 170 mm x 170 mm

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