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212 DVD – Mac Live, 212 degrees for your business and your life

212 DVD – Mac Live, 212 degrees for your business and your life

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A letter from Mac Anderson:

In 2006 we launched a new book titled… 212°: The Extra Degree that was written by Sam Parker and me. The book has been successful beyond our wildest dreams and we’ve sold almost 1 million copies. The concept is this…at 211° water is hot, but at 212° it boils and turns to steam and steam can power a locomotive. It’s that one degree…just one…that makes all the difference. And so many times in business and life it’s that one extra degree of effort that separates the good from the great!

The beauty of the 212° message is that it applies to so many things. There’s 212° attitude, 212° service, 212° kindness and 212° leadership…just to name a few. Thousands of businesses have used the 212° theme to inspire their teams; coaches use it to inspire their players; and of course, individuals use it to inspire themselves and to reinforce personal goals.

As a result, over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of large companies who used the 212° theme at their conferences. Now I am honored to share the 212° message with you personally, or with you and your team.


About the author, Mac Anderson

MAC ANDERSON is the founder of Simple Truths and Successories, Inc., the leader in designing and marketing products for motivation and recognition. These companies, however, are not the first success stories for Mac. He was also the founder and CEO of McCord Travel, the largest travel company in the Midwest, and part owner/VP of sales and marketing for Orval Kent Food Company, the country’s largest manufacturer of prepared salads.

His accomplishments in these unrelated industries provide some insight into his passion and leadership skills. He also brings the same passion to his speaking where he speaks to many corporate audiences on a variety of topics, including leadership, motivation, and team building. Mac has authored or co-authored twenty-two books that have sold over three million copies. His titles include: Change is Good…You Go First, Charging the Human Battery, Customer Love, Finding Joy, Habits Die Hard, Leadership Quotes, Learning to Dance in the Rain, 212º: The Extra Degree, 212º Service, 212º Leadership, Motivational Quotes, One Choice, The Best of Success, The Nature of Success, The Power of Attitude, The Power of Kindness, The Essence of Leadership, The Road to Happiness, The Dash, Things That Grab Your Heart and Won’t Let Go, To a Child, Love is Spelled T-I-M-E, You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School, What’s the Big Idea?

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