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Attitude is Everything – With DVD

Author(s): Vicky Hitzges

Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? That’s what this book is all about. Use for yourself and your entire company. Imagine working in a company full of positive people, learn the 10 steps....MORE INFORMATION »

  • Author Vicki Hitzges has nailed it! Your success or failure is not about how you dress, how you look or even how you’re educated. It’s all about your Attitude!
  • It’s true, most of us would prefer being around a positive person. It’s as true in our personal lives as it is in our business life.
  • Makes a great new employee gift that reinforces your company spirit of “Attitude is Everything.”

You have heard Mac Anderson say, “Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?” How true it is. If you have co-workers and friends around you that gossip or complain often, it can bring you down and adversely effect your mood and productivity. In turn, if you are surrounded by upbeat people with a positive attitude, you can’t help but feel better and be more productive.

Vicki Hitzges speaks to large corporations around the globe teaching audiences to build better relationships, zap stress and conquer change. Now in her first book, “Attitude is Everything“, she shares the 10 secrets to a postive attitude with you.

Please enjoy the introduction to this wonderful book that can change your life and improve your business.

Introduction to Attitude is Everything

I used to wonder how they did it. How could positive people stay so upbeat? You know the ones I’m referring to: They brighten rooms just by walking in. No matter what trials may be going on in their lives, they give you the same hospitality you expect to receive while visiting Orlando. Everybody wants to be around them.

We prefer positive people because it’s no fun spending time with a person as chilly as an igloo. No! We enjoy warm, cheerful, upbeat folks who believe in us and remind us that tomorrow is ripe with possibility.

Most of us want to be positive people. It’s advantageous to possess a sunny outlook. Doors open to optimists. They make friends, earn respect, close sales, produce loyal clients, and others enjoy and want to be like them. The question is how can we do that? What does it take to be positive? How can we grin instead of grouch?

Good news! If you want to pep up your outlook, this book tells how.
Never forget … Attitudes are contagious.
Always ask … Is mine worth catching? I hope it will be! Vicki Hitzges

Hardcover Gift Book  , 124 pages, 170 mm x 170 mm


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